☆ History of Nawgahyde

As Legend Has It...

The band was formed by Houston Texas and his guitar playing brother Fort Worth along with their cousin Skeeter on drums. After a few rehearsals the band noticed that "somethin' sounded funny." It was soon discovered the band had no bass player & at that moment step-brother Florida Lee was added to the line up.

A few years later, the band was on the cusp of "makin' it big" when tragedy struck. At a fourth of July barbeque, Fort Worth, in an effort to impress family and friends, tried an outlandish practical joke that went horribly wrong. Houston recalls, "All I remember is Fort Worth standing there with a can of beer in one hand and a roman candle in the other. I'll never forget his last words... 'Hey, watch this!'"

Determined to keep rolling, the band soon added guitarist Nacho, who they found standing outside of a local hardware store looking for employment. Incidentally, this store was later franchised and eventually became part of the chain known as Home Depot.

Nawgahyde plays KICK ASS Mustache Rock™ by bands like:

 • 38 Special  •  Bachman-Turner Overdrive  • Blue Oyster Cult  • Boston  • Rick Derringer  • Eagles  • Foghat  • Grand Funk Railroad  • Guns 'N' Roses  • Kansas  • Lynyrd Skynyrd  • Steve Miller  • Molly Hatchet  • Ted Nugent  • Bob Seger  • Styx  • Thin Lizzy  • Joe Walsh  • Edgar Winter  • ZZ Top & more...

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